Sisi Paris PDF

The Bank Hospital

Accra - Ghana

The annex building of the Bank of Ghana hospital in Accra has been equiped and constructed by Universal Hospital Group.

Sisi Paris PDF

Sisi Paris


Ceramic Ventilated Facade
Windows And Doors
Curtain Wall

Access Bank Head Office PDF

Access Bank Head Office


Aluminium Glazed Curtain Wall
Aluminium Composite Panels Cladding
Automatic Revolving Door
Internal Partitions
Entrance Canopy

Bua Head Office PDF

Bua Head Office


Aluminium glazed curtain wall
Aluminium composite panels cladding
Entrance door

Central Bank Of Ghana Takoradi PDF

Central Bank Of Ghana Takoradi


Aluminium Glazed Curtain Wall
Aluminium Composite Panels Cladding
Automatic Revolving Door
Doors And Windows

Security Warehouse

Security Warehouse


Ground floor
First and second floor
Spandrel Area

GTB Data Center PDF

GTB Data Center


Aluminium windows and doors
Roller shutters
Curtain wall

Governmental authority building

Governmental authority building


Security Glazed Curtain Wall

Calabar PDF


Calabar International Convention Center (CICC)

Aluminium glazed curtain wall and automatic skydome

Pier Point PDF

Pier Point

Pier Point - Lagos

Aluminium glazed curtain wall, aluminium windows and doors internal partitions

Bat Rising Sun PDF

Bat Rising Sun

Bat Rising Sun - Lagos

Aluminium glazed curtain wall, aluminium windows and doors, internal raised access floor, external raised access floor, acoustic suspended ceiling, cladding, wooden ceiling, internal frameless glass partitions, thermic and acoustic insulation, glazed aluminium balustrades

Civic Center Towers PDF

Civic Center Towers

CCT - Civic Center Towers - Victoria Island

Aluminium glazed curtain wall, aluminium composite panels cladding, raised access floor with hpl, porcelain and granite tiles finishing, car park perforated metal panel cladding, thermic and acoustic insulation

Standard Chartered Bank PDF

Standard Chartered Bank

SCNB-Head office building-Victoria Island

Stick system cw 60, wall cladding by composite panels, internal glazed partitions, internal gypsum partitions, ceiling, raised floor, raised floor

Image PDF

Diamond Bank

New office builing at Lekki - Lagos

Structural glazing curtain walls, wall cladding by aluminium composite panels, internal glazed partitions.

Image PDF


Guaranty Trust Bank new office buiding in Lagos, Akin Adesiola Branch.

Structural glazing curtain walls with aluminium composite panels cladding, spider glazed walls, windows and doors.

Image PDF

Lakepoint Apartments

New residential building at Banana Island - Lagos.

Structural glazing curtain walls, aluminium windows and doors.

Image PDF

Alausa Mall

Alausa shopping mall

Aluminium glazed shopfront, curtain, walls, folding and automatic doors

Image PDF

Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt International airport

Aluminium glazed curtain walls, aluminium composite panels cladding, automatic entrance doors, aluminium external ceiling strips, metal steel internal suspended ceiling

Image PDF

Asaba Airport

New International Airport at Asaba - Delta State - Nigeria.

Spider glazed curtain walls, metal cladding, windows and doors.

Image PDF


The Vienna international center VIC, base of various UN agencies.

Refurbishing glass-windows up to third floor level, replacement and upgrading of glass panels with insulated-security glass.

Image PDF

UNDP Abuja

UN House in Abuja is the UN agencies headquarters in Nigeria.

Internal partitioning and movable partitions units.

Image PDF

Shopping Mall Accra

Accra Mall is the new larger shopping center in Ghana.

Shopfront glazed walls, windows and doors.

Image PDF

CFAO Ghana Ltd

The new CFAO Service Centre at Airport Commercial Area - Accra.

Glazed curtain wall, internal glazed partitions, corrugated sheets cladding, aluminium sun-louvers, sliding up&over metal doors.

Image PDF

Unique Trust

UT Financial Services new headquarters office building in Accra - Ghana.

Semi-structural glazing curtain wall, windows and doors.

Image PDF

Milverton Apartments

Residential building - no. 1 Milverton Road

Wooden-aluminium windows and doors

Image PDF


FTS new ware-house and offices building in Alba - Italy.

Glazed curtain walls and aluminium windows, doors and partitions.

Image PDF


The italian leader for vehicles air-conditioning new office building and assembling plant in Torino - Italy.

Curved structural glazing curtain wall, wall cladding by aluminium composite panels, windows and doors.